The Culture of Caring


Every  true relationship rests on trust and care. The definitions / titles of relationships do not matter, even if it was within a family if the partners/members don’t “care” for that relationship. When we care we enhance the experience and value of a relationship. “Care” is important for organizations too. It doesn’t really matter who you work for or who you are managing. Caring can be a great performance enhancing strategy for every organization/Institution. I personally believe it can be one of the greatest strategies of all. Institutions become great because of the “care” they provide along with their products and services. In particular, health and Educational institutions should “CARE” for their constituents more than any other institution.

Many of us are good at doing many of the things we do. However, when we start caring for what we do, we increase our attention to every minute detail and start to think deeper of the outcomes. This thinking motivates us to give more. That is when we end up producing great outcomes. I call this “care”. To become “great”, we should start to care about everything we do. Care about the people you live with at home, work with, care about the mission of your team/Institution.

People work harder if they care more for the work they do or the outcomes they expect. Good people execute their jobs well. But people who care – go beyond. It is one thing to do our work and it is totally a different to care for our work. When we care… we give a little more time, a little more effort, a little more energy, a little more love to the things and people we care for.

We often hear from managers that their teams don’t give a 100% i.e. don’t care as much as they should. I believe, a leader who cares builds a team that cares. To create a team that cares, the leader must build a culture of caring. When leaders care, they inspire others to care. Such leaders don’t focus only on the outcomes. They focus on everything along the way and how they get to the outcome. People who are part of a team that cares think, act, lead and serve differently. It is an achievement to be recognized as a winner. For great leaders – it is even more satisfying to create winners.

Caring is contagious, when you care for someone they will start caring for you. No matter the result, a caring team will care for the efforts as much as they care for the results. When teams start caring, the probability of it’s winning increases. Such teams go out of their way to serve others. They will find ways to go beyond the expected. Members of such teams care more for the people, care about their efforts, care about getting better, care about the organization, care about their culture.

Caring is a culture. It is not something that can be given or taken. It has to be part of us. That is when we start to make a difference.


Vish Sivaswamy is a Director and founder of TATVA Global School


3 Responses to “The Culture of Caring”

  1. Janet Dias says:

    Your blogs are always very inspiring Sir. It speaks your beliefs out loud and makes people ponder on them.

  2. Chandana Somalanka says:

    Yes all progress occurs when people dare to be different. To make the difference I believe that this small element ” care ” is most essential and will add a lot to our lives.
    CARING is contagious, lets pass it on…
    Thank you for sharing good thoughts through your blogs.

  3. Satyashri Naidu says:

    I believe that Caring people help others not because they expect a reward, but because it is natural to show kindness.
    Thank you for such a wonderful thought Sir.

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