Learning by exploring

When I started “Water” a new block in EVS, I asked the children” Where does water come from?” Most of them said water comes from the shops, bottles and tankers.  Actually children believe what they see and till date none of them had seen a real source of water, so that answer was expected.

They were startled when I said there were different sources of water like surface water and ground water. They found it surreal so I decided to show them from where and how did we get water in the school. Ranga Sir accompanied us and we went to see the bore well, he explained how water was stored in the underground tanks and then pumped to over head tanks. From the over head tanks water is supplied to different areas in the school like the washrooms and dining hall. He was kind enough to show us the RO system and how drinking water was purified. It was an enriching experience for the children.

When we got back to the class I further went on to explain, in Hyderabad we got drinking water from Krishna River, and told them how water can get polluted. Chaitra asked me a question “Ma’am we take bath in Krishna river so can we drink that water as we make it dirty by taking bath and washing clothes?”  Can anyone help me give her the correct answer?

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Next topic that followed was “Air”.

These experiments helped them understand the properties of air in a better way.

Air occupies space

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Air is needed for burning

7 Responses to “Learning by exploring”

  1. Viswanath Sivaswamy says:

    Good work by the teacher. She took the initiative to explore and find ways. The others just helped.

    Teachers have to walk the extra mile to find ways and help children learn. In this case one of the teachers did.


  2. Vish Sivaswamy says:

    Teachers have to take the lead and push for different learning methods. These methods are not necessarily big or complicated. They have to be easy and simple.

    this is a case where the teacher walked that li’l extra … kept it simple and “wowed” the kids.

    Well done!

  3. Shalini says:

    Innovation in teaching the basics , helps the child in better understanding and longer retention…These simple yet innovative ways of inculcating information shows the teachers’ creativity ,making learning fun and memorable experience for the tender and inquisitive minds.

  4. Janet Dias says:

    Great job Srijana mam. Your passion towards teaching is exemplary.

  5. Zainab Mohd says:

    Congratulations on your new blog!! Thank you Srizna ma’am for inspiring us with your passiom for teaching

  6. Ranga says:

    Congrats madam. You inspire the children, I was just doing my part and showing you and the children around. Any day I will be happy to help the children and teachers in the campus.

  7. Ayyub says:

    Where does water come from”Tankers,bubbles,shops” that itself shows where we are heading to? Off late focus is more on mugging than given children time to explore,investigate .
    Great initiative!!!Keep up the good work Mam….

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