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Tatva Global School aspires to deliver the 'Global Citizen' of tomorrow. We are affiliated to CBSE - Delhi (Central Board of Secondary Education) - affiliation number - 130451. With qualified and dedicated teachers, a spacious 11-acre campus and state of the art facilities children at Tatva are surrounded by a sound and sophisticated environment. Tatva Global School believes in nurturing a child's imagination to give them the freedom to think and the wings to dream unendingly. Along with our education curriculum, we seamlessly integrate higher ethics and culture that helps every child rightly interpret what is moral and what is not. While we help them recognize the value of getting educated, we also make them aware of the less fortunate who in the outside world still don't have access to a formal education. We encourage them to appreciate every aspect of life, express gratitude for all the things they have in their possession.

Our curriculum and teaching methodology is designed to attract the interest of children and to contribute to their holistic development. While we believe in making use of the latest technologies to impart teaching in the best possible manner, we equally encourage children to enjoy the experience of living outdoors. We also recommend parents to involve in various social gatherings inside Tatva, and add value to our various in-house initiatives.

We welcome all parents to join us in providing inputs on how to better our ways of conductance.


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