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How will I ever thank you for your sacrifice?

After toiling all day long, you still walk along. With a smile on thy face, patience in thy eyes DAD! How will I ever thank you for your sacrifice? I kept you awake Countless days and nights. You bore with my unruly manners and fights But nothing could earn your despise MOM! How will I… Continue Reading →

I don’t know yet! But I’m willing to learn…

I remember I had just briefed my class on how to write a Non Chronological Record (NCR). I explained, whenever they write a report the first feature would be the title, followed by introduction. I also added that they had to write some facts pertaining to the topic in the introduction section. Having discussed all… Continue Reading →

The “Prison of Possibility”

  It is a fact that humans have a natural ability to improvise and innovate. It is natural for us and ingrained into our system. We will, consciously or unconsciously, seek to do that. We constantly seek small to large changes in our lives. Take examples of general life – we go from being a… Continue Reading →

We Need Them Indeed

Which is that one thing that lets you sleep peacefully with no regrets, no grudges at heart? Of course, that one most important thing is HONESTY. It is one quality which everyone admires, which everyone wants to see in others. Staying truthful to self and others, not cheating self and others is what is called… Continue Reading →