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At Tatva, our experienced and skilled teaching staff are passionate to help children realize and perform to their potential. We don’t believe that the only source of learning is an individual teacher, but a teacher helps connect the content with the context.

Teachers at Tatva are involved in quality time with students while dining, conducting activities and various other initiatives that helps in strengthening the student-teacher relationship. Alongside following the curriculum, our teachers inculcate an enthusiasm for learning and nurture a values-based questioning and critical thinking.

We understand it is highly important that a teacher empathizes with students, to ensure they are on the right track. We conduct constant assessments of both the teaching methodology, the teachers and students that helps us measure our position and improve upon.

Below is a list of our faculty members,

List of Trained Teachers
Sno Name Qualification Designation Total Teaching Experience subjects
1 T Usha MA, B.Ed Director 25 years English, Social
2 Shailaja Reddy MA, B.Ed, NTT Principal 9 Years Biology
3 Sudeshna Mairal MA, B.Ed PGT 15 Years Social
4 JudyShailaja  Pyreddy B.Sc, B.Ed TGT 15 years Mathematics
5 Rishika  Akula M.Sc, B.Ed TGT 8 Years Mathematics
6 Chandana somalamka M.Sc, B.Ed TGT 7 years Science
7 Poornima Kattula B.Sc, B.Ed PRT 2 years HRT
8 Shilpy Pandey MA, M.Ed TGT 3 years Hindi
9 V Komala Rani MA, TPT PRT 8 Years Telugu
10 Madhuri Amaram B.Sc Hono's PRT 7 Months Computer
11 Ambili Muralidhar M.Com, B.Ed, PGDCA TGT 24 Years Computers
12 Madavaram Sushmitha MCA PRT 5 Years Computer
13 Akhileshwar Boini B.Sc, BPED TGT 7 Years Physical Education
14 Henry Jacob Rosario BA, Dip in French TGT 18 Years French
15 Prabhakar Suripogula BA, MLISC TGT 8 Years Library
16 Ayesha Moiz BA, PGDECE PRT 17 years Pre Primary
17 Kavitha Chappidi B.Com, DPPTC PRT 8 years Pre Primary
18 Sravanthi Aila B.Tech, DPPTC PRT 4 years Pre Primary
19 Swaroopini Hubli M.Com, PGDECE PRT 10 years Pre Primary
20 Shubhangi Kurle M.Sc., B.Ed. TGT 8 years Pre Primary
21 Nagaraju B M.A. TGT 8 years Primary
22 Kezia Vijaya Kumari B.Sc., M.A. TGT 12 years Primary
23 Shakti Srivastava MA, B.Ed.. PGT 7 years Primary
24 Suresh P B.Com Coach 7 years Primary
25 Sravanthi R M.Sc. Teacher 8 years Primary