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Where is tatva located?

The school is located in Gajularamaram and is about 5kms from South India Shopping Mall / Paradise restaurant in Kukatpally. A famous landmark near the school is Usha Mullapudi Cardiac Center.

When does the new academic year start?

The academic year 2017-18 for Primary and above commences on the last week of March'17 followed by Kinder-Gartner scheduled to start at June'17.Tatva also provides special seats for students who are transferred in the middle of the school year. We understand the pain of the parents who change jobs or are transferred during mid-year. At Tatva, we will accommodate your child and help the child make up for lost sessions.

What is the age limit to get admission an tatva?

The CBSE doesn't prescribe any age limit. In Tatva we recommend the following age limits for admission.

  • Nursery - 2 years as on 31st March
  • LKG/PP 1 - 3 years as on 31st March
  • UKG/PP-2 - 4 years as on 31st March
  • Std. I - 5 years as on 31st March
  • Std. X - 14 years as on 31st March
Is tatva global school the largest school in hyderabad?

Within the GHMC limits there are only two schools that have 11-acres land area or more. The largest school is HPS Begumpet. In schools that follow the CBSE curriculum our school is the largest.

Are the teachers qualified?

Yes, we have trained, qualified and experienced teachers. The average experience of our teachers is 9 yrs and the range of experience is between two and twenty.

Is dining optional?

Dining is mandatory, not optional.

We have hired dietary consultants to help us design the right food constituents by age group. We are following the same and assure parents that the children get nourishing and nutritious, clean, fresh food. We feel that dining together creates a bonding experience between students which is an important part in imparting social skills in children.

Will school fees be incresed regularly? If so what is the percentage of increment every year?

We will increase fees reasonably and keeping in mind the inflation and consumer price index increases. As you are aware price increase is not a natural phenomenon and the school will make all efforts to reduce its impact through prudent methods.

Which syllabus do you follow?

We follow the CBSE syllabus. We intend to add CBSE-I (international) in a few years.

Has the school obtained the afflication certificate from CBSE?

The school is affiliated to CBSE. Our affiliation number is 130451.

What kind of teaching methodology does the school follow?

We believe in a hands-on form of learning. We encourage children to be active and participate in learning activities. We encourage Photography, Film-making, Music-mixing etc. for higher class students. Students who need special assistance are also provided for.

Do you have any other branches?

Yes - We have a branch in Vanasthalipuram/LB Nagar under construction. Will be ready by 2018 April. We plan to setup 25 schools around the country on the same large school formats – some with hostels and others as day-schools. We have already identified Pune, Bangalore, Nagpur, Coimbatore, Mysore, Chandigarh, Jaipur as the cities for expansion.

What is the student teacher ratio?
  • 1:15 Pre Primary
  • 1:20 Primary
  • 1:25 High School
Why should i take admission in your school?

Tatva believes that there is more to education than just literacy. In order to build a society that is just, we have to start with students. We want to educate students to contribute and play a major part in changing the world. Education is not just learning to read and write. It is the ability to make judgements and use the abilities to read and write for a building the future.

We define Education as "The process of developing the powers of reasoning and judgment by acquiring knowledge and preparing oneself for a life of greater purpose".

What is the vision of the school?

We aim to create global citizens that are fully capable of dealing with the challenges of the future.

What are the different activities offered?

These activities are compulsory during school

  • Self-defense training
  • Free-style dancing
  • Art & Craft
  • Different games – BB, TT, Tennis, Swimming, Cricket, Football, Badminton etc
How frequently does the school give homework?

We do have a homework schedule. We try not to give the child homework for more than one subject per day. Mostly these will be practical discussions and reporting on school topics.

Who are the promoters? Do they have experience in running the school?

While promoters are important, we at Tatva feel that it is the teachers and staff that makes an institution successful. Meet the team at Tatva.

Ms T Usha is a Post Graduate from Delhi University has been committed to promoting quality education for over a span of two decades. She has trained over 25,000 teachers and 2000 Principals over the course of 25 years. A sports enthusiast, she believes that sports are on par with academics.

Mr Rangadham Reddy (Ranga) started life from very humble beginnings. Ranga had to work hard through life to become a Mechanical Engineer. Having worked with several shipping companies, he has travelled the length and breadth of the world. Today, Ranga has a successful manufacturing business in Hyderabad. He always shared the vision to create a school/education system with a difference – one that makes it easier to learn rather than one whose only focus is on teaching students to compete with one another.

Shahid Ali Khan G is a farmer and a philanthropist. He has a great passion to educate children and donates to needy children seeking support for their education. Shahid’s passion to be simple while providing amply to children drives the team to think and rethink their programs.

Mr. Viswanath Sivaswamy (Vish) has successfully founded two IT companies in US and India. Vish is a key driver of bringing this passionate team together. His passion is to help families, especially the children who are caught in the quagmire of a complex world. He is an avid reader and a sports enthusiast.

Do you have school transport? What safety and security measures you take?

We do provide school transport. We pay attention to the safety and security of the students:/p>

  • We recruit only licensed and experienced drivers
  • We have installed GPS tracking systems in our buses.
  • We take demonstrations, verify the authenticity and validity of the license, and do a background check before we appoint a driver.
  • We conduct health check-up to all the drivers by authorized medical practitioner as per the RTA norms.
  • We provide training to our drivers on safety.
  • A Nanny or a teacher who lives on that route will accompany the student throughout his/her journey.
  • We will follow all the safety norms set by the RTA from time to time.
  • We will follow BSIV pollution norms.
  • We operate only AC buses for a pollution-free transport. We will soon add entertainment to the trip.
  • We have tools to send SMS/WhatsApp alerts to the parents before we pick up and drop.
What other facilities are provided?

The school is fully equipped with over 60 security cameras for the safety of children and also the safety of their belongings.


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